BHHI Advances Research, Evidence-Based Policy Solutions, and Education

Strategic Science

BHHI strives to prevent and end homelessness by identifying, evaluating, and amplifying research-driven solutions. To reduce the burden of homelessness, BHHI uses strategic science to inform perspectives, policies, and practices. Designed to address gaps in knowledge important to policy decisions, strategic science depends on the reciprocal exchange of information between researchers and policymakers or practitioners. A key principle of strategic science is communicating research results not only in scholarly publications, but also in forms relevant to policy makers and practitioners. BHHI works with our end users—communities impacted by homelessness, policymakers, and practitioners—to identify areas of concern where research could inform efforts. Where a research base already exists, we translate that research into policy and practice. And where novel questions emerge, we conduct research responsive to the gap.


Our work is oriented entirely towards impact. BHHI focuses on identifying and advancing policy solutions to prevent homelessness, end existing homelessness, and inform the creation of extremely low-income housing in San Francisco, the State of California, and across the country. By recommending evidence-based policies to key stakeholders and translating findings into implementable practices, BHHI approaches homelessness with a view to developing solutions commensurate with the scale of the problem.


BHHI is training the next generation of homelessness researchers, physicians, and scientists through our education programs, including post-doctoral scholars; clinical fellows; residents; medical, nursing, public health students; and undergraduates. In addition to a large educational program, we hire and train staff intentionally, promoting the career development of individuals with lived experience of homelessness and those dedicated to ending homelessness.