UCSF BHHI is a trusted source for evidence-based policymaking and practice in the effort to prevent and end homelessness. Our education programs invest in the next generation of homelessness researchers, including postdoctoral scholars; medical, nursing, and public health students; and master’s level and undergraduate level students.

Our unique education programs leverage multi-disciplinary expertise in homelessness and housing policy research and methodological expertise to conduct research with populations experiencing homelessness. Our training programs provide scholars an avenue to build foundational knowledge on the upstream causes on homelessness, and in conducting policy-relevant research, rooted in rigorous methods, to develop solutions to preventing and ending homelessness.

Program Leadership

Our Education Programs

The UCSF BHHI education programs develop future leaders in fighting homelessness who are equipped to: 

  • Conduct policy-oriented research to address root causes of homelessness and to prevent and end chronic homelessness.
  • Conduct research grounded in strategic science to ensure all aspects of the research, from developing questions to translating evidence into policy and programs, rely on engagement with change agents—like policymakers and community-based organizations dedicated to ending homelessness.

Our approach is rooted in strategic science. Strategic science is research designed to address gaps in knowledge important to policy decisions, derived from the two-way flow of information between researchers and policymakers, and communicated not only in scholarly publications but also in forms relevant to policymakers. It also considers the voices of those directly impacted by homelessness and community-based organizations that work directly with them. Because we believe the voices of those with lived experience of homelessness are critical to conducting research on solutions, we welcome individuals with lived experience of homelessness or who have extensive experience in this field to apply.

Currently, only a handful of researchers are leading the way to implement solutions to homelessness, yet the homelessness crisis in California and many cities across the United States continues to grow. That is why identifying and developing the next generation of researchers in this field is more important than ever. We invite you to learn more about each of our education programs below.

BHHI Postdoctoral Program

The BHHI postdoctoral scholars training program educates the next generation of strategic scientists empowered to address upstream causes of homelessness. We seek motivated scholars to join a multidisciplinary team for this 2-year program.

BHHI Summer Explore Research Program

Summer Explore Fellowships are designed for UCSF medical students, who are typically between their first and second year of medical school. The primary goals are to provide a mentored-research experience and to introduce students to conducting strategic science research with communities affected by homelessness.

Other Educational Opportunities

We are eager to hear from students from diverse disciplines and levels of education (e.g., undergraduate) to participate in BHHI research projects.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, we would love to hear from you.

Diversity Statement: We welcome applications from scholars with lived experience of homelessness or substantive engagement with populations that experience homelessness. UCSF BHHI’s dedication to promoting diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion is grounded in our goal to prevent and end homelessness. We are committed to building a diverse learning community, nurturing a culture of inclusion, and fostering a learning environment that respects diverse perspectives and voices. We will encourage scholars to participate in the UCSF Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Champions Training. Read more on UCSF’s commitment to diversity.