Community partnerships and community engaged research methods make up the backbone of our research and dissemination strategies at UCSF BHHI. We believe that it is only through authentic, honest, and transparent collaborations that we can prevent and end homelessness.

We have four main approaches to partnerships:

  • Lived Experience Advisors: We work with people who have lived and living experiences of homelessness as high level advisors, researchers, and community workers to ensure our research is respectful and informed by first-hand expertise.
  • Academic Collaborations: We co-lead research projects with other top academic institutions around the country.
  • Government Partnerships: We collaborate directly with public officials to develop policies that prevent and end homelessness.
  • Community Partnerships: We partner with community organizations on research projects that are meaningful and impactful to their local communities. 

Lived Experience

UCSF BHHI is at the forefront of a movement to include people with lived experience of homelessness and housing insecurity in every aspect of our work. Those with lived expertise have unique perspectives to help shape groundbreaking policies and strategic decisions about homelessness. 

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Government Partnerships

We work with government partners and advise policymakers on best practices in their efforts to prevent and end homelessness. Government officials frequently ask or commission UCSF BHHI to conduct research projects aimed at answering specific policy questions. UCSF BHHI experts also testify to state, county, or local legislative bodies on homelessness or provide informal counsel in private settings.

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Community Engagement

Fellows and staff share a community-first mindset at UCSF BHHI. We ask people what they need while undertaking research underpinned by strategic science, partnering with the communities most impacted by homelessness and housing insecurity. 

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Academic Collaborations

We collaborate with leading academic institutions, drawing from the expertise of UCSF faculty, researchers, and educators from across the United States. UCSF BHHI acts as a bridge between research and decision-making, facilitating common ground between the academic world and policymakers.

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