The UCSF Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative leverages strategic science to educate future housing leaders and inform policy decision-makers on homelessness. Our partnerships help us create lasting positive change within the communities most affected by homelessness and housing instability across the United States.

Strategic Science & Community-Engaged Research

We strive to reduce the burden of homelessness, using a combined framework of strategic science and community-engaged research to inform perspectives, policies, and practices. Designed to address gaps in knowledge important to policy decision-making, strategic science depends on the reciprocal exchange of information between researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. In community-engaged research, researchers and community members collaborate as equals through all phases of the research process.

Our Research Methods

To ensure our recommendations for ending homelessness are backed by solid evidence, we draw on a wide set of research strategies to allow us to answer critical questions. We use robust methods to ensure that our recommendations are based on the highest quality evidence. Working alongside the end users of our data (policymakers, program leaders, and members of impacted populations), we are able to generate actionable, reliable research—then use that evidence to inform policies, programs, and practices. To address the critical questions around preventing and ending homelessness, we choose the best methods to match the question.

Two women in a classroom

Educating Future Leaders

Our education programs prepare and inspire future leaders to design innovative solutions for ending homelessness and housing instability.

Man sleeping outside city hall

Informing Policy

We provide evidence-based policy solutions to reduce and end homelessness locally and nationwide.

Our Partnerships

Working collaboratively with communities, researchers, policymakers, and people with lived experience of homelessness allows us to achieve deep and lasting positive change for people directly impacted by homelessness and housing instability.