Our educational program provides scholars with the knowledge and tools necessary to become strategic scientists dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness. UCSF BHHI is training the next generation of homelessness researchers, physicians, and scientists through our education programs, including post-doctoral scholars; clinical fellows; residents; medical, nursing, public health students; and undergraduates. In addition to a large educational program, we hire and train staff intentionally, promoting the career development of individuals with lived experience of homelessness and those dedicated to ending homelessness.

We will educate the next generation of strategic scientists empowered to address major causes of health disparities. Through a post-doctoral training program, weekly works-in-progress, and structured training opportunities for trainees at multiple levels, we will increase the numbers of scientists and health care providers with the skills and ability to conduct high-quality, actionable research. Because we believe that those with lived experience of homelessness are critical to the conduct of any research on solutions, we will train people with lived experience for paid roles in the research process and research dissemination.

The UCSF BHHI education initiative aims to develop the next generation of scholars equipped to: 

  • Conduct policy-oriented research to address the root causes of homelessness to prevent and end chronic homelessness.
  • Conduct research grounded in strategic science to ensure all aspects of the research, from developing questions to translating evidence into policy and programs, rely on engagement with change agents.